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the world is big enough without you

Sunny Himalayan Bunny
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10 Things I Hate Aboute You; 500 Days of Summer; A Clockwork Orange; American Beauty; Apocalypto; Battle Royale; Christoph Waltz; Daniel Wu; Danny Boyle; Darren Aronofsky; Disney; Donnie Darko; Hedwig and the Angry Inch; Hellboy; Inglourious Basterds; High School Musical 3; Kill Bill; Labyrinth; Lars Von Trier; Lord of the Rings; Michael Fassbender; Moulin Rouge; Pixar; The Princess Bride; Repo! The Genetic Opera; Slumdog Millionaire; Quentin Tarantino; Park Chan Wook; The Rocky Horror Picture Show; Tilda Swinton; Tim Burton; Treasure Planet; The Vengeance Trilogy

Boardwalk Empire; The Borgias; Carnivale; Doctor Who; Desperate Romantics; Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog; Game of Thrones; Hong Gil Dong; Merlin; North & South; Psychoville; Sherlock; Rome; Ugly Betty


Adam Lambert; Backstreet Boys; Britney Spears; Bon Jovi; The Click 5; Cobra Starship; Eminem; The Eraserheads; Gloc 9; Gorillaz; Green Day; Il Divo; Incubus; Josh Groban; The Lonely Island; Michael Jackson; Mika; Panic! at the Disco; Pink; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Rivermaya; Queen; Savage Garden; Toto; Vienna Teng

Avenue Q; Evita; Jesus Christ Superstar; Les Miserables; Once on this Island; The Phantom of the Opera; We Will Rock You; Wicked



A Series of Unfortunate Events; Abarat; Bridge of Birds; The Chrestomanci Series; Discworld; Good Omens; The Hannibal Series; Harry Potter; The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray; Hexwood; Haruki Murakami; Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell; Noli Me Tangere/El Filibusterismo; The Princess Bride; The Pendragon Series; Stephen King

American Virgin; Ando ng Agimat; Asterios Polyp; The Authority; Batman & Robin; Blankets; The Books of Magic; Fables; House of Mystery; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Lucifer; The Perry Bible Fellowship; Preacher; The Runaways; The Sandman; Scott Pilgrim; Superman; Supergirl; Teen Titans; The Umbrella Academy; Vertigo Comics; Wildstorm Universe; W.I.T.C.H.; Y: The Last Man; Zenescope's Wonderland Series


Chowder; The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy; Kids Next Door; The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack; Phineas and Ferb; Samurai Jack; Venture Brothers

Code Geass; Evangelion; Fullmetal Alchemist; GTO; Hayao Miyazaki; Hellsing; Kino no Tabi; Maaya Saakomoto; Ooku: The Inner Chambers; Pride and Prejudice; Princess Tutu; Satoshi Kon; Sense and Sensibility; Shinshi Doumei Cross; Shoujo Kakumei Utena; Soul Eater; Sugar Sugar Rune; The Tarot Cafe; Tenjou Tenge; X; Wolf's Rain; Yoko Kanno; Yu Yu Hakusho;

Alice; The Final Fantasy Series; Folklore; Legend of Mana; Rule of Rose; The Suikoden Series; Wild Arms


The Academy Awards; Cirque Du Soleil; Cracked.com; Philippine History; Salvador Dali; World History;

I'm 19, Female, a proud Iskolar ng Bayan from the University of the Philippines, and I'm coming to get you.

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